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PHP SQLite3 Kütüphanesi » Webpark

PHP SQLite3 Kütüphanesi

JBM Software Developer

Install with composer

composer require codethereal/sqlite-php




After you installed the library include the autoload file and use the LiteDB library.

include_once __DIR__ . "/vendor/autoload.php";

use Codethereal\Database\Sqlite\LiteDB;


To use sqlite you must create a new file for database like test.db then create a new instance from LiteDB class. You must give the file path to constructor.

$db = new LiteDB('test.db');


Now you can start to use db queries like:


$result = $db->select(' as userName, as postName')
  ->where('', 2)
# For mode 1: it returns you an array with db column keys
# For mode 2: it returns you an array with index numbers
# For mode 3: it returns you an array with both column keys and index numbers
###*** You must use while loop on returned result, if you want you get only one record ***###
while ($row = $result->fetchArray(1)) {



# Allowed where operators are: ['=', '>', '<', '>=', '<=']
$db->where('id', 2) // WHERE id = 2
$db->where('id', '>', 2) // WHERE id > 2
  ['id', 2],
  ['count' '<=', 15],
  ['email', '']
]) // WHERE id = 2 AND count <= 15 AND email=''


Where In/Not In

$db->in('id', [1,2])->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users WHERE id IN (1,2)
$db->notIn('id', [1,2])->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users WHERE id NOT IN (1,2)


Where Like/Not Like

$db->like('name', 'Dogukan%')->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users WHERE name LIKE 'Dogukan%'
$db->notLike('name', '%Code Ethereal%')->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users WHERE name LIKE '%Code Ethereal%'


Order By

$db->orderBy('name', 'ASC')->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY name ASC
  ['name', LiteDB::ORDER_ASC],
  ['id', LiteDB::ORDER_DESC],
])->get('users'); // SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY name ASC, id DESC



# Available join methods are: ['INNER', 'CROSS', 'LEFT (OUTER)']
$db->select(' as userName, as postName')->join('users', ' = posts.user_id', 'CROSS')->get('posts');
$db->select(' as userName, as postName')->join('users', ' = posts.user_id', LiteDB::JOIN_INNER)->get('posts');



$db->where('views', '>', 10)->count('posts'); // SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM posts | and returns whatever is count else 0



$db->insert('users', ['name' => 'Dogukan Akkaya', 'email' => '']); // INSERT INTO users (name, email) VALUES ('Dogukan Akkaya', '') | Returns insert id on success



$db->where('id', 1)->update('users', ['name' => 'Dogukan Akkaya | Codethereal', 'email' => '']); // UPDATE users SET name = 'Dogukan Akkaya | Codethereal', email = '' WHERE id = 1



$db->where('id', 1)->delete('users'); // DELETE FROM users WHERE id = 1



# You don't have to wrap with try-catch block. It will rollback on any error
$id = $db->insert('users', ['name' => 'Codethereal', 'email' => '']);
$db->insert('postss', ['name' => 'New post', 'user_id' => $id]);



$db->query('sql statement');
$db->querySingle('sql statement');

$db->begin('SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = :id');
$db->bindAndExecute([":id", 1]); // Executes the sql and returns the result
# OR
$db->bindAndReturn([":id", 1]); // Returns the sql statement without execution


CRUD Model for SQLitethereal

namespace whatever\model;

use \Codethereal\Database\Sqlite\LiteModel;

class Post extends LiteModel
    public function tableName(): string
        return 'posts';

    public function primaryKey(): string
        return 'id';

namespace whatever\model;

class User extends LiteModel
    public function tableName(): string
        return 'users';

    public function primaryKey(): string
        return 'id';

$post = new Post();

# You can pass an array as second parameter to with() method like: ['reference' => 'user_id']
# Default reference for it is the singular table name (without s at the end if exists) underscore id
$withJoin = $post->with(User::class)->readOne(1, ' as postName, email');

// read() and readOne() accepts select parameters optional, default *
$post->read("*"); # Like get, you must iterate it in a while loop with fetchArray() method
$post->readOne(1, "*"); # Pass the primary key value as param
$post->create(['name' => 'New post codethereal']);
$post->change(['name' => 'New post codethereal updated'], 1); # Second parameter is the primary key value



Migrations are not applied to core files at the moment but you can just copy the content of this file and paste it into your migrations.php file in root folder and run from terminal

You should change dbname and migrations (if your path and dbname is different) path in this file like:

$path = __DIR__ . "/migrations";
$db = new LiteDB('test.db');


Create Migration File

You do need 3 functions inside a migration, up, down, seed Create a migrations directory (or whatever you set in the migrations.php file) in your root folder and create a new file named M001_posts


use Codethereal\Database\Sqlite\LiteDB;

class M001_posts
    private LiteDB $db;
    # $db instance will pass here when you run migrations.php
    public function __construct(LiteDB $db){$this->db = $db;}
    # Create posts table
    public function up()
        $this->db->query('CREATE TABLE posts (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT NOT NULL, user_id INTEGER NOT NULL, FOREIGN KEY(user_id) REFERENCES users(id))');
    # Drop posts table
    public function down()
        $this->db->query('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS posts;');

    # Seed the database with query builder. If you pass --seed argument to migrations.php from terminal, it will seed the database. 
    public function seed()
        $this->db->insert('posts', ['id' => 1,'name' => 'New post','user_id' => 1]);


php migrations.php
php migrations.php --seed
php migrations.php --down
no-param: just run all migrations
--seed: run the migrations and seed the database
--down: down all migrations​​​

This documentation is for v1.1.0